Using Self Storage During a Remodel

Remodels are a big endeavour that every homeowner at one time or r another | is going to undertake. That 70s style wood ‘panelling doesn’t age very well at all. We know that having a Self Storage unit is a critical part to any major home renovation. Let us explain to you why you need a storage unit to make your remodel easier.

Using Self Storage During a Remodel

Renting a unit isn’t expensive, and it should easily fit into any remodel budget.

Climate Control v Regular

This is the first question you should be asking yourself. Do you need to store things that are temperature sensitive? For general remodels the answer is usually no. Most people store furniture and building materials inside their units. If you need to store electronics or paintings then maybe opt for climate controlled. Choosing a normal unit will save you a few dollars that you could put towards supplies. Our units at Custom Self Storage in Winston-Salem, NC offer premium units at affordable costs. Our units will protect any items you place inside them.

Extra Space When You Need

At certain times during a home remodel you find things such as flooring or furniture which works perfect for your plan. You may not have the space available in your home to store all these things, but your storage unit is the perfect place. With our long access hours you will be able to come and get your things when you need them.


Tools, materials and your personal things are expensive. By using self storage during a remodel you are able to securely keep all the things you need during your remodel in one place. While not common, some thieves target homes that are undergoing some construction because there might be expensive tools lying around inside, better safe than sorry.

We are no strangers to home remodel storage, and we have the right unit for you. With flexible terms and low prices, you cannot go wrong with Custom Self Storage.

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