Use Self Storage to Fall Clean your Business

Spring-cleaning is a long way off, but what’s stopping you from a little Fall business cleaning? We are sure your retail space could use a little TLC. Here at Custom Self Storage, we can show you why using a self storage company can help to tidy up your retail space. Get your business ready for Fall 2021.

Using Self Storage for Business Fall Cleaning

Excess Summer Inventory

With Summer ended as of September 21st, we are sure you have some excess Summer only inventory. With Summer roughly 10 months away, why let that inventory take up space in your retail store? Use Custom Self Storage to hold your Summer items for the Winter and pick them up whenever you want.

Less Clutter, More Productivity

Are you looking to make your employees more productive? Well, it’s hard to be productive when the surrounding space is cluttered. Don’t make your employees sift through clutter and mess when looking for inventory. Declutter your space and everything will go where it should.

Stockroom Addition

You may already have a stockroom ready to use, but does everything inside it needs to be? Why not add a storage unit to your stockroom to hold that backup or hard to sell inventory. Keep the items you use most on-site, and the ones you don’t inside a self storage unit.

Archive Storage

If you haven’t already, start to organize all those business papers. A lot of these documents do not need to be stored inside your retail space, but need to be kept. At Custom Self Storage, we offer Archive Storage. You can rest assured all your documents will be secure with us. Retrieve what you need whenever you need it.

At Custom Self Storage, we love helping local businesses with their storage needs. We offer great rates for long term business storage, contact one of our storage experts today!

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