Use Self Storage for a Dream Vacation

Yes, its very possible, using self storage to help you take that dream vacation. How you ask? Well let us explain a little, the answer is simpler than you think. For those students and adults renting an apartment or home the amount you pay in rent can leave you sometimes dizzy, self storage can help with that.

Use Self Storage for a Dream Vacation

Where are you wanting to go? We will give you some great places at the end of the article.

All About Savings

That’s right, the key to being able to take your dream vacation is saving money. Let’s say that you live in Winston-Salem, in a one-bedroom apartment, you are probably looking at around $800-$1200 per month in rent, not including utilities. Let’s add in some utilities and bring the total up to a reasonable $1400. So, each month before any food or activities you are looking at spending $1400. Otherwise known as, a plane ticket pretty much anywhere you want. Factor in the amount you spend on food and activities, and you have your travel spending money.

“But I Can’t Give Up My Place”

This is the major objection to using your rent money to travel, so we suggest that you sublet your apartment for the amount of time you are away. Now you have usable money from collecting rent as well as any savings that you have as well. When you return home simply move back in.

“How Does Self Storage Help?”

Finally, we get to the point. Okay, so you have moved out of your place, you are renting it to someone else, and you have all your belongings with you. Simply rent a self storage unit, the monthly cost of a unit could be under $90 and at Custom Self Storage we offer your first month freeSo now you have your apartment rented, your belongings stored and a pocket full of cash and a backpack. Time to get to that dream vacation that you have been waiting for.

Where Can I Go?

Let’s budget a little, take $1200 for a plane ticket and head to Last Minute, a website that finds last minute flight deals anywhere in the world for super, super cheap. We don’t even think you need that whole $1200. The more you save, the better accommodation you can get.

Cheap Destinations

As for a cheap destination, nothing beats Asia right now. Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand etc. These places have super cheap costs of living and your dollar will go a lot further over in Asia. Not to mention it will be the trip of a lifetime for sure. Bring a friend and see it all.

All Inclusive Destinations

Some people love the resort style vacation. These have some benefits: meals are paid for, time is set, and they are gorgeous. For a budget all-inclusive choose the Dominican Republic, for a more luxurious setting you can’t go wrong with the Bahamas. Keep in mind, this will be a short vacation >10 days in most cases.

Using self storage to help you set up for a dream vacation takes some guts to do, but nothing worth doing doesn’t come with some risk. So when you are ready, rent a unit, pick a spot and let your dreams come true.

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