The Most Valuable Home Renovations

We all know that your home is the most valuable thing that you own, but do you know what can easily bring that value up? Home Renovations. These can be quite daunting to take on your own, so you may choose to hire a professional. But before you begin, be smart and do the renovations that will bring you the most value. So what home renovations bring the most value? Let Custom Self Storage tell you.

Most Valuable Home Renovations

If you are in the middle of a renovation or beginning one, clear out space using Self Storage, store tools, materials, even entire rooms.

  1. Sun Room

Being able to bring the garden into the home is a very valuable asset. By creating a sun room extension, especially in this climate is a great selling point for many people. Here in Winston-Salem, we like the sun, but not the cold. Having a sun room allows for us to bask in the sun while avoiding those chilly winds.

  1. Kitchen

Maybe the most obvious renovation you can make. The kitchen generally brings the home together and is a major focal point. Any event in the home centers around the kitchen. By upgrading the cabinets and appliances you can increase your selling price by thousands.

  1. Extra Bathroom

Making a 2 bathroom home into a 3 bathroom home is a massive selling point. This doesn’t have to be a full bathroom, but even just a half bath makes the home seem bigger. That extra bathroom is incredibly helpful when you have guests and family over. Just like a kitchen upgrade, this will increase the selling price greatly.

  1. Extra Bedroom

Having an extra bedroom is shown to increase the home value by 10-15%. However, you must adhere to the proper building codes to ensure you can actually list the extra bedroom as a room. This is why we like the idea of using a professional. A great, quick way to add an extra bedroom is to create a loft extension, technically still a room, and it makes use of wasted space.

  1. Extension

This is all about size and usefulness. You can increase the size of the master bedroom, or create a garage. In order to understand if its worth it, figure out the cost and how much more you can sell it for. If the answer is positive, go ahead and build. Always make sure you ask about building permits. You don’t want to have to tear down all your work.

Whether you are a first time buyer or seller, renovations always add value, so get out renovating. Custom Self Storage has great storage options for those renovating, contractors and sellers. Contact Us Today.

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