Self Storage & Your Retirement

You did it, retirement! After decades of hard work, you are finally able to retire in comfort. What better place to choose then North Carolina, perfect weather all year and tons of retirement communities. But what you may not know is that Self Storage is now your best friend and can help you retire comfortably. Learn more below!

Enjoy your retirement with Self Storage

In this new phase of your life, you need to change up your lifestyle a little, let Custom Self Storage show you how!

Make some Space

Assuming you are moving into a smaller place or retirement community, it’s a good idea to now decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. Make a quick sketch of your new place and decide what furniture/items are going to fit in the new place and which ones will not. Once you know, it’s time to sort these items into categories: Donations, Trash and Storage.


Over the years we are sure you have some items that you don’t need but someone else will. Things such as sporting gear, small but working appliances and clothes. Many charities offer free pick up, so place these items into boxes and give them a call. “NKS” is a great charity and will take most of your items, give them a call!


Some stuff isn’t usable anymore, it’s broken, worn down or just out of style. Sort these items and throw them away accordingly. “GOT Junk” is a great service that will come to you and dispose of your unwanted items quickly and effectively.


Okay, so you have some items that won’t fit in your place but you don’t want to lose. This can be antiques, old photographs, books, movies, anything you want to pass onto the grandkids when they are old enough. Whatever it is, Security Mini Storage is here to help, with great low rates we are the place to store your things.

Ready to retire in peace? Give us a call today and we will sort you out with a great clean, dry and secure self storage unit.

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