Self Storage & Online-Business

Many of you may not think that this matchup actually works, but we are here to tell you why self storage companies like Custom Self Storage and Online Businesses are a perfect match. Continue to read below to find out why. The answer may just surprise you.

Self Storage + Online Business = Harmony

Buying Habits

The way people in America and around the world buy has changed and is constantly evolving. The vast majority of people have bought items online, from the comfort of their couch. Some people have turned to solely buying online and hardly ever step foot in an actual retail space.

Start-Up Costs

This shift to online business has enabled startup entrepreneurs to build a business with very little to no cost. There is no need for a physical store or office space, and the overhead that comes along with it. However, there is a need for storage space, and this is where self storage comes into play. We can offer affordable, long term, storage space to these businesses, enabling to keep costs low and keep their homes clutter-free. Self storage companies have essentially turned into stock warehouses for these online businesses.

Self Storage Work Space

With larger units, many online businesses turn their storage units into stockrooms and workspaces. Make some room, bring a table and use this space to package, ship and organize your inventory. No need to ever bring the business and its mess to your home or apartment. With flexible and extensive hours, Custom Self Storage is the best place for online businesses to flourish.

We appreciate, respect and fully embrace this change to online business and welcome all online retail to use us as their business stock/workroom. Contact Us today for great rates on long-term storage options. Take your online business to the next level with self storage.



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