Self Storage For Trades

Self storage is just not for personal use. Many businesses, tradesmen and contractor use self storage to optimize their businesses. Space is a major problem for many of these people, and we are here to tell you how you as a business person can use self storage to optimize your business.

Self Storage for Trades

Archive Storage

As a business, papers and documents are part of the everyday cycle. However, you do not always need these papers on hand, and many are simply just for records should you maybe need to call on them at some point in time. But why keep these papers in your business area? They take up space and clutter your workplace. Custom Self Storage offers affordable records and archive storage. Call us today and we can help your business affordably store your business documents, fully secured, you can retrieve them at any time.

Trades Storage

As a tradesman, you do not need every tool every day, and space in your truck is valuable. Many tradesmen and contractors use self storage to help save space. However, self storage can be even more important as trucks are prone to be broken into, and your expensive tools can be stolen. By using self storage, you can be sure your tools are safe, stop by in the morning, grab what you need, and drop by at the end of the day and drop those tools back off. You can be sure that we will take care of your tools and make sure that you have access when you need.

We at Custom Self Storage are dedicated to providing safe and affordable storage for all businesses, tradesmen and contractors. We will go out of the way to make sure you are satisfied, and your items are safe. Call us today for a free quote and to discuss your business needs.

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