Self Storage Accessibility

When you are thinking about using self storage, do you need access? Of course, you do! But when do you need it and how often? This can have a significant effect on your choices and when you eventually store. If you need access every day, then you do not want to have to drive across town to your storage unit in rush hour first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Self Storage Accessibility

Business Storage

Do you need self storage for work? Will you need access every day? If so then convenience is the main driving factor when making your decision. The answer is to ask yourself the question before you start looking. This will save you time and effort when you start making inquiries. Location, price, customer service, and all those other elements will no doubt come into play, but start by asking yourself how are you going to use your storage room.

Storage Convenience

The number one decision making factor when renting self storage is not price, it is convenience. This is not just location but, factors such as office opening hours, as well as gate access times. It may be that you want
the reception to take deliveries for your business. Are they open at the required time? Check out our great promotions!

Storage Location

Where is your storage unit located within the facility? If you have deliveries on, for example, pallets, you do not want to be renting a storage room on the upper floor at the back of the facility. You want to be on the ground floor, ideally, need an entrance. This is the same if you are coming and going regularly.

Storage Access

Who else can access your storage room? Do you have multiple members of staff accessing the unit? How will they access it? Do you need to give everyone the same door access code? How will you know who’s been in and out? How do you manage security? All questions can be answered by one of our storage experts. What about the padlock? will you need to issue multiple keys? Why not use a combination padlock.

There is more to think about than just “when are they open” depending on how you are using your space when you are thinking about rent a self storage room. Make sure your storage accessibility needs are covered.


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