Rainy Day Moving Tips

Welcome to North Carolina, it’s hot it’s humid and when it rains it pours. The rain here can be unpredictable and it’s important to know how to combat it if it chooses your moving day. Don’t let a little rain ruin all of your things. Custom Self Storage knows how to survive a rainy moving day.

Rainy Day Moving Tips

It is important to note that if possible, you should wait for the rain to pass.

Map It Out

You know you home better than most, so make sure you know the route through it that you are going to take. Start by clearing any obstacles in your way, and make room for the big items that you will be carrying through it. When you have done that, grab a tarp or painter’s tarp and lay it down on the floor. This is a must if you have hardwood, as the mud and rain you track in will ruin it.

Protect Your Stuff

You know that if it’s raining, anything you carry outside will get wet. So for any electronic items, make sure they are sealed up. Wet fabrics breed mould, so when moving couches, beds and rugs make sure you wrap them in plastic. Cardboard boxes can also be damaged by rain, so make sure they see as little of it as possible.

Be Careful

Rain can cause some surfaces to become really slippery. Notably the moving truck’s metal deck and ramps. Make sure you are wearing proper footwear with a good grip. The last thing you want to be is carrying your expensive TV and slip, smashing it on the ground. Better safe than sorry.

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