Quick and Easy Home Renovations

Summer is here, and what better time to tackle some renovation tasks that you have been putting off. These are some quick and easy home renovations that you can get done in a weekend or two!

Quick & Easy Home Renovations

Paint Touch Up’s

No need to run out to the store for this one. Assuming you have extra cans of paint lying around from your last paint job. Go around your home with a roll of tape, sticky notes, etc. Mark each spot where the paint needs a touch-up. Once that’s done, go get your painting supplies and a small drop sheet. Walk around to each of the marked spots and touch them up! You will be surprised how much better your home looks.

Outdoor Projects

We have all been putting off that one outdoor project. With this warmer weather and the need to get out in your backyard and get some projects done. If you need any supplies, we suggest using Amazon or any other home delivery type of service. This can be anything from fixing the patio, cleaning the patio furniture, organizing your garden shed. Don’t let staying home keep you from the outdoors.


It’s a perfect time to get rid of some clutter in the house. The dump is open during this period due to the fact that you will not come close or interact with anyone easily. If you can’t bear to throw anything out, try using self storage. At Custom Self Storage, we are open and ready to get you a storage unit.

Storage units are great for all types of home renovations. It’s time to stop putting off the work, declutter the space you need, and finally get things done. Have any other quick and easy home renovations? Leave a comment down below!

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