Proper Storage of Dishware

Proper dishware and silverware storage can be very valuable. So when it’s time to move, make sure that you pack them properly to avoid damage. Sounds simple right? Well you would be surprised at how many people get this one wrong and how many broken plates and glasses we see every day. Enough it enough, let us tell you how to keep these items safe. A self storage unit can be a great option to store dishes long term.

Keep Dish and Silverware Safe With Proper Storage


Okay, let’s start with the silverware. More expensive silverware is made of, you guessed it, silver. So before you store them, make sure you wash them thoroughly and clean off any food. Once washed, polish and clean them with a special solution designed to clean silver, here is a great guide to help! Once that is taken care of, time to store them. Make sure that you have a piece of fabric between each stacked utensil, once you stack around 5-6, wrap an elastic bound around the stack and place them in the box.


Fragile dishware should be wrapped in small stacks. Take a piece of newspaper and wrap it around each dish/plate individually to prevent breaking, then stack them according to size. Pack them into the box on their edge, and make sure that the box you are using can support the weight. We suggest wooden or plastic boxes, as cardboard can break and result in smashed dishes! If you want your dishes to last, proper storage is key.


This goes for crystal as well. They are the most delicate of three items. Never stack glasses inside each other, they can become stuck and will crack with a shift of weight when moving. Wrap each glass or crystal with newspaper and stack them individually into the box. This will take more boxes, but you won’t have to buy new glassware. When storing wine glasses, keep them upright on the base to ensure they won’t break or crack. When finished, label which way is UP on the side of the box.

We hope this helps to stop some smashed glassware and dishware we always see. If you need space for your dish and silverware, contact Custom Self Storage today!



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