Natural Disaster – Are You Prepared?

If an unexpected disaster occurs, are you prepared? Natural disasters can occur in various forms and at any time. While you cannot predict everything, there are measures that can minimize the damage that incurs. We have five tips to help prepare you and your storage unit in case of disaster.

Natural Disaster Preparation

  • Have a protection plan for your storage unit
    • Storage insurance is a great idea here. You can ask us to give you some great information on the best type of insurance. Do not assume the property’s insurance covers your goods, you are responsible for the protection of your stored goods. For information on protection for your stored goods, please see store manager.
  • Create a disaster kit
    • Kit should include water, non-perishable food, flashlight/batteries, first aid kit, local maps, towelettes, and garbage bags.
    • Keep the kit at a readily accessible place.
  • Have an evacuation plan
    • Be sure to know routes on how to get to a safe spot during a disaster. Have a planned meeting stop for family and friends
  • Know the warning signs of disaster and begin to prepare at first sign
    • For tornadoes, a change of color in clouds to a dark green and a roaring noise can be a warning sign that one is coming.
    • Dropping temperatures can cause a blizzard or ice storm
    • High winds and rough, choppy seas can be a signal of a hurricane or tropical storm on the way.
  • Use water-tight bins for your belongings
    • Storing your goods in bins that are water/airtight allow them to stay safe in case of a flooding disaster or hurricane.

Being prepared minimizes the possible damage that can occur. If you need more tips or information on how to store in your unit, please stop by the office or see our other blogs. Custom Self Storage can help you storage your disaster tools.

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