Make it Last: How to Store Your Wedding Dress

With quite possibly the biggest day of your life approaching, you probably aren’t thinking of storing your wedding dress away for a lifetime. But it’s a valid thought, how should you store your dress? Let Custom Self Storage in Winston-Salem, NC help you with that.

Store Your Wedding Dress Forever

Bag It

We don’t mean to use the bag that it came in, no you need something breathable, What you need is a muslin garment bag, these are highly breathable and will keep your wedding dress from getting moldy. You can get a muslin bag from many online retailers. These bags will also protect the dress better than the standard bag.

Climate is Key

Making sure that the climate your dress is stored in will most affect its life. Too hot and you will ruin the fabric, too cold and you could attract mold. We recommencement using climate-controlled storage in this case. A constant and humidity-free temperature will go along way in making sure your daughter might one day wear the dress. Custom Self Storage has hangers inside our unit to make hanging dresses and gowns a breeze.

Position Counts

There is only one way to store your dress and that is hanging upright. Grab a good quality hanger, ones with the padding, and make sure it’s snug. If you lay your dress flat it will get wrinkles and spoil your big day, Wrinkles are very hard to get our of some wedding dress materials.

Clean It

Especially after you wore it on the big day. It’s going to be full of sweat, food and everything else you can imagine. If you store the dress in this state there is a high chance you will never, ever get the stains out. Sweat and other things also attract mold, and when the mold hits, it’s time to throw the dress away.

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