Is Your Garage Useless? Organize it!

Is your homes garage useless? Or becoming very close to it? This is a common problem that we at Custom Self Storage encounter. People use their garage as a DIY storage unit. It just isn’t right, you shouldn’t have to move sideways and up and over items in your garage. Use Custom Self Storage to free up that space.

Organize Your Garage

Know the purpose

Know what you want to use your garage for. There are tons of options: A place to store cars, a hobby workshop even a home gym. Once you have a clear goal for your garage, make it happen.

Make it Happen

Get down and dirty and start moving everything that doesn’t fit the goal of what you garage should be into the driveway. Sort items by type and place the smaller ones into labeled boxes, cardboard or plastic is fine. This is a crucial step in getting garage organize task.

Store The Rest

Find a reputable and secure self storage company in your local area. Call ahead and book the right size space you need. You may think that the extra cost isn’t worth it, but having a garage that’s available to become anything you want will quickly offset the price of a storage unit. Storage doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you choose Custom Self Storage, you will get the best rates and the first month free!


Enjoy the space you have created, and resist the urge to start turning it into another mess. Set up your new workshop, hobby or gym and enjoy all that hard work. Your wife will thank you when she sees the garage is usable again.

That’s all you need to get that messy garage back into shape. Custom Self Storage in Winston-Salem is here to help you with safe, secure and affordable storage spaces, contact us today.

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