Increase Your Homes Value

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the perfect time to renovate your home and increase its value. But when renovating, you should be doing things that increase the value of your home. Custom Self Storage is here to help you with ways to increase the value of your home.

Increase Your Homes Value


Increase your home’s curb appeal by applying some nice window treatments. Go the extra step and get some new weather stripping, or energy-efficient windows to increase your home’s value. This cost may be high to start, but the energy savings, in the long run, will be well worth it.


Updating your kitchen and bathroom will bring the most value to your home. When updating these two rooms, spring to energy-efficient fixtures to save money and increase value to prospective home buyers. Old pipes can crack in the winter with disastrous effects.


Many people don’t realize how dirty their carpets actually are, and the color that can be restored when you do proper cleaning. To save money, you can even rent carpet cleaners from places like Walmart.

Pest Control

Summer is the time to get a pest inspection. In fact, many home buyers require a report to ensure their home will be termite and rodent-free. If you let a rodent or pest problem go unchecked, it could spell disaster long term.


Summer generally means NO rain. So take advantage of this and paint your home. You will be amazed by the difference a fresh coat of paint will make. Go for the basic colors, black, gray, white to be on the safe side, people might not share your love of purple. Paint can do wonders for increasing your homes value.

When doing your home renovations this summer, keep Custom Self Storage as you go to a storage place for your tools and renovation supplies. We hope these tips will increase your home’s value.

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