Head to Head: Cardboard v Plastic Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are probably the most heated debated in the self storage and moving industry, which is a better box, cardboard or plastic?. At Custom Self Storage we have our own thoughts on which storage box is best. Think you have a better idea on which box is better? Leave us a comment down below!

Battle of The Storage Boxes

1. Cost

The first thing most people look at is cost. On the face, cardboard is much cheaper than plastic. If you are just going to use the storage boxes once, maybe twice, then cardboard is the way to go, price wise. However, if you are going to reuse these boxes a few times, nothing beats plastic. A plastic box will outlast a cardboard one, and you have to adjust the price accordingly. We prefer to use plastic boxes as the cost savings over time is much greater than cardboard.

2. Contents

What you plan to put inside you storage boxes will heavily determine which one you choose. If you are moving lighter items or clothing, you will want cardboard. Cardboard has the ability to breathe which is important when storing fabrics. If you are storing heavier items like dishes, glass, or tools, plastic is the way to go. Plastic will provide a much more rigid exterior, protecting fragile items.

3. Storage Style

There are a few types of “storers” in our storage facility. Some of them stack and some of them don’t. If you are a stacker than we hope you choose to go with plastic storage boxes. If you like to keep things light and evenly spaced, then choose cardboard. Always make sure that the boxes you choose will be durable enough for how you use them.

Whichever you choose, just know that neither is the wrong choice. At Custom Self Storage we prefer plastic due to its durability and reusability.

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