Common Problems Using Self Storage To Move

Self Storage is great for using when you are moving or downsizing. But there are some common storage problems people tend to overlook when they are using Self Storage to help them move. Let’s take a look at these problems to help you avoid them in the future.

Self Storage Problems During a Move

Truck Won’t Fit

Ahh, its moving day, you have the truck packed up ready to go, you get the storage facility and the truck won’t get through the gate. Well, now you are quite stuck. It is so important to make sure that the truck you rent actually fits inside the storage facility. Many times we have seen trucks stuck at the gate and people moving items by hand across the facility. Not fun.

Wrong Sized Unit

This is much more common than you think. Often times people get to their unit and realize halfway through packing it, the stuff just won’t fit. Now they have to pull all their things out and hope there is a bigger unit available. That or rent another smaller unit. Check before you rent and always ask the storage facility for input on the right size.

Not Having A Plan

Moving is one of the most hectic things you can do. It needs to be planned and planned well. The last thing you want is a bunch of family and friends standing around with nothing to do because you did not plan. This is even worse if you hired movers, they are still getting paid for doing nothing. Have a good plan ready to go before the day.

Not Knowing Weight Limits

Believe it or not, some storage facilities have weight limits. For both their storage units, the ramps and loading bays. Make sure you get these limits and consult with the truck rental or moving company before you show up.

Do your best to avoid these common problems. Doing so will make moving day so much smoother. We hope you choose Custom Self Storage when it’s time for Self Storage.

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