Cleaning Routine Hacks

If you are tired of the same old cleaning routine, we have a way for you to “hack” it. With these tips, you will wonder why you ever did your routine the old way. Keep reading to save yourself a ton of time and money.

Cleaning Routine Hacks

Smelly Towels

You know what we are talking about, that smell that happens after a while with all towels. You don’t have to throw them out, and you should not be trying to “wash the smell away” using detergent. In fact, it’s the detergent that is what makes the smell. The leftover residue from laundry detergent causes mildew which smells. Instead, throw your towels in the washing machine with a few cups of vinegar and run it on hot. (NO DETERGENT)

Pool Residue

If you own a pool here in Winston-Salem, you know what we mean when we say “oil slick”. For those uninitiated, it’s the sunscreen and bodily oils that come off swimmers, creating a layer of visible oil on top of the water. No, you don’t have to drain the pool, and no your filters don’t need any extra work. Throw a tennis ball into the pool, as it floats around it will collect all the oil.

Remove Clutter

The biggest hack for cleaning? Having less. The more stuff you put into storage, donate or throw away, the less you have to clean. So get decluttering, if you don’t know where to start, try this great decluttering guide. If time is money to you, renting a storage unit will save you money.

Window Blinds

It’s painful to be standing there, cleaning each blind individually. This can take a whole day if you are doing the entire home, lets hack this annoying cleaning task. Step 1, take the blinds off the window, step 2, lay them on the grass or cement outside, step 3, hose down. You can even do all your blinds at once! Just allow them to dry before rehanging.

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