Check These Car Fluids Now!

The vast majority of us have a car of some sort. Truck, van, hatchback, sedan etc. One and the same in many respects. We often neglect them and this neglect leads to very costly repairs. But how can you break this cycle of neglect? By doing some simple and easy maintenance once every two weeks or so. Custom Self Storage knows exactly what 4 things you need to do to your car.

4 Car Fluids Things To Check Now

  1. Tire pressure

Yes, a very important thing that many people never, ever check. Having a low tire pressure in one or all of your tires has some nasty effects. A tire with low pressure makes for more drag. In other words, the less air in the tire, the more of the tire that touches the road. This creates more friction and will bring down your gas mileage significantly. How to check? Look on your gas cap or door sill, there is a sticker that tells you the right amount of pressure.

  1. Oil

Usually only checked 2 times or so by your mechanic during an oil change. But really, you should be checking your oil once every two weeks. Why is this? It’s because things can happen inside your engine without you even noticing. Things wear down and oil starts to leak, if too much oil leaks you risk serious engine damage. Checking once every two weeks allows you to get ahead of any problems.

  1. Windshield Fluid

If your car isn’t equipped with an electric signal that tells you when you are low, then you should be checking, just like oil, once every 2 weeks. The last thing you want is to be on the highway and have some mud splash up on your windshield which you cannot wash away. Situations like this often lead to fatal accidents. Also, do not fill your reservoir with water, this can freeze, ruining your windshield fluid system.

  1. Carpets & Floor mats

This may sound strange, but it’s actually a very important thing to do in the winter. The weather brings around extra rain and snow which, if your car has any leak, will seep inside slowly. Many people do not notice until the back floor is soaking wet. Once that happens, it’s a major pain to fix, you need to completely remove and dry the carpets or else you risk mold. Give your carpets a quick swipe with your hand every 2 weeks to test for dampness.

Don’t let laziness and neglect slowly ruin your nice expensive car. You rely on your car more than you think, care for it.

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