Allergy Proof Your Home

Even though we all love spring, if you suffer from spring time allergies, it can be a painful reminder of the torture you are about to endure. Medicines such as Reactine only work so well, the best form of allergy prevention is to make sure your home is allergy proof. At Custom Self Storage, we have all the tips you need to stay allergy free this spring.

Allergy Proof Your Home

This is a great way to ensure you and your family take less medicine to fight your allergies.

The Bedroom

Probably the place where you will spend the most time suffering from allergies, and definitely the worst. Having to spend sleepless nights sneezing and blowing your nose is the worst. What you need to do in order to allergy proof the bedroom is:

  • Hypoallergenic Pillows
  • Sealed Pillow Covers
  • Pet Free (Dogs can bring in pollen on their fur)
  • Wash your bedding weekly

Living Room

It’s important to keep this room free of as much fabric as you can. If you have carpeting and constantly suffer from allergies, it’s time to look at hardwood flooring. It’s not a living room if you can’t live there anymore.

  • Vacuum Regularly (use a hypoallergenic vacuum filter)
  • Change the filter on your furnace


This may seem like an odd place to have to allergy proof as most surfaces are solid. However, the kitchen is a breeding ground for mold due to moisture.

  • Clean thoroughly under the sink drain plug
  • Use non-odorous cleaning products


This one is pretty easy. Make sure you shower with the vent on or window open to keep the humidity low, having a humid bathroom brings mold and with it, allergens.

Laundry Room

Like the bathroom, moisture is the number one enemy. There are a few more things you can do to free this room of allergens:

  • Vent the dryer outside
  • Clean the lint tray each time you dry
  • Hypoallergenic Dryer Sheets
  • No damp clothes on floor

Hopefully this makes your spring a little easier if you have allergies. Another great way to allergy proof your home is to declutter it. Less clutter, less dust. Choose Custom Self Storage to store all your unwanted items. We have the right storage units for you.

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