8 Reasons to Choose Self Storage

Storage facilities are for much more than just moving. With short and long term options, the ability to accommodate your specific needs has never been easier. Let Custom Self Storage be your number 1 choice.

8 Reasons You Need Self Storage


While prices vary from location and available options, self storage is often the most affordable option out there. Especially in the case of business needs, the cost of a storage container versus a warehouse speaks for itself. Choose a storage unit wisely!


The option to run your business from your unit will not only cover the costs but will provide you with a nifty source of income as well!


Moving is the most common reason for renting a storage unit. It offers a safe, reliable, and clean space to house your items while in-between homes.


Clearing your home is a great way to make your home clean and sharp looking. However, if you’re not a fan of throwing away old possessions, storage units are a great option to get the best of both worlds.


Whether it’s patio furniture or snowboards, there are items that simply take up space when not being used. Clear your home of these space destroyers and enjoy them when you need them.


Much the same as moving, renovations require a lot of space and a storage unit is the most affordable, secure, and safe option for your items.


Most people have to move back home to be able to afford their first mortgage, but that shouldn’t stop you from owning possessions for your future home today!


Leaving for lengthy holidays comes with a great deal of stress, including leaving your home unprotected for that time. Keeping your valuables locked away in a secure unit will ensure your vacation is stress-free. Choose a storage unit with great access hours like ours!

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