6 Simple Rules for Students Moving to Dorms

Starting your first year at University is a daunting experience. Who will be your roommate? What should you bring? Will you make friends? The list goes on and on. But hopefully we can help out and take some stress off your mind with these quick, 6 rules for students moving into dorms.

Students Moving Into Dorms


Don’t go in blind, go checkout the campus. Wake Forest has special days when they show the freshmen around campus and give you a look into dorm life. It will help you get a grasp on what you can bring and how big of a space you are working with. The less surprises the better.

Make A List

It’s important not to just throw everything into bags and boxes in the hope that it will fit, or even be needed whilst you’re away. Try and put together a list of all the important things that you know will definitely be needed and then work out how much space is left for the rest.


What extra things do you need? Cooking stuff? Cleaning supplies? Find out what your dorms offer and don’t offer to make sure you aren’t stuck without a toilet plunger when it’s too late.

Packing It Up

By now, it should be time to pack your life up into boxes and bags. Most new students will end up packing far too much stuff, but this is something you will learn as you go along. As long as you have the basics, and the extras that you discovered on your investigations, then everything else can wait.

Get there

Now you have to move all your stuff. It can be expensive, but checkout this awesome company, ZipCar. They offer moving vans at much lower rates than the traditional companies.


As soon as you get to University you may be desperate to get out and explore, but wait! There’s no point in leaving all your stuff packed in boxes before hitting the clubs; you’ll regret it in the morning when you can’t find any bedding. This is going to be the time of your life, enjoy it, but unpack first.

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