4 Things to Free Yourself from Feeling Cluttered

Sometimes we just have a feeling of being cluttered. Whether it’s in our mind, or our home, it’s a feeling you can’t shake. We are the storage experts, and we think we can help you to start feeling normal and put that cluttered feeling at ease.

Stop Feeling “Cluttered”

Game Plan: One in, One out.

From now on, you need a game plan, so you never feel cluttered again. This is an easy one, whenever you bring something new into your home, throw one thing out. This will help to keep a peaceful balance between in your home. If throwing things out is tough, use a storage unit as a middle ground. One thing in, one thing into the storage unit. If you don’t use it again, toss it, or donate it.

Return Items

A major stress in our lives is money. But looking for things to return you can help your finances and removing the cluttered feeling. Go through your recent purchases and find items that can be returned and take them back. Put that money into savings or fix up your home. If thing’s can’t be returned, try to sell them online using a site like Craigslist or apps like Letgo. You will find yourself becoming addicted to making money and losing the cluttered, stressful feeling.

Ask 3 Questions

One room at a time, ask yourself these 3 questions about every item that you see. “What is it?” “What does it do?” and “Where does it go?”. If you can answer those 3 questions and there is room for the item, keep it. The rest of the items that don’t fit this category, toss out or donate. If you need help in removing items from your home, use a junk removal company or have friends and family help. Many items can be donated as well.

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